How to fasten a scarf using a brooch


When do you change your comforter from winter to summer?

I keep my winter bedding until after Golden Week.

Because temperatures rise and fall rapidly at this time of year.

As for clothes, down coats are put away as expected, but thicker jackets are left out.

It’s been cold since last week, so I’m wearing a scarf.

Today, I will show you three patterns of how to fasten a scarf using a brooch.

First, here is how to fasten a large scarf using a brooch.

It is a brooch using resin parts of “Musical Note Series” (Purple)

I wrapped it in two layers and fastened it to one side.

Next, let’s look at how to fasten a thin scarf with brooch.

It is a four-leaf brooch using the resin parts from the “Lemon Series” (Pink)

It is thin, so I wrap it around my neck and fasten it to one side.

The dangling ornaments are cute accents.

Finally, the scarf was fastened in a necktie style.

It is a brooch using the resin part each from the “Plum Cake Series” (Green Tea) and “New Candy Series” (Red).

Since it is a combination of red and green, you can wear it at Christmas time, although it is a little early.

How did you like the scarf coordination this time?

They look great on jackets and hats, but we also recommend them as little accents on scarves.

Click here for a list of brooches.

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