I went to the Meiji Jingu Central Dojo.

Meiji Jingu Central Dojo

The other day I visited the Central Dojo at Meiji Jingu Shrine.

It had been more than half a year since I had ridden the train.

I was strangely nervous, wearing a mask, opening the train windows to ventilate, not talking, and trying not to be dense.

The reason why I went out is because I am finally going to take the 5th grade examination for Kyudo in early November.

I had to work so hard to get 3 grade.

I am surprised myself to be examined for 5th grade.


This is my bow.

The brand name is “Shihou Azusa”.

It is a bamboo bow, so I use it with a lot of care, even though I am a rustic, or rather wild person.

But I don’t know where I read that the maker, Mr. Shigamine Ogura, said, “My bows don’t break so easily,” so I trust him and sometimes I forget to be careful.

The top photo shows the judges’ seats in the central dojo, where the teachers sit and judge. Just looking at this picture makes me nervous.

Just looking at this picture makes me nervous.

This nervousness comes from the desire to pass the exam!

I wish I could just let go of my greed and let the teachers see the best shot I can make at that moment!

I wish I could think.

But that’s not easy way.

By the way, we wear a kimono and hakama.

Therefore, I introduce Tamarusan’s hairpin with Kimono.

When I draw a bow, I generally do not wear a kimono with a large pattern.

I don’t think it’s wrong, but most people wear kimonos with fine patterns that look like plain, such as colored kimono or “Edo komon”.

There are some people who wear fancy kimonos at New Year’s shakai.

The hairpin matched with the kimono, green doughnut shape is cute.

When I am drawing a bow, I use a hair elastic instead of a hairpin.

I don’t think it is very common, but I don’t want it to fall off while I am pulling.

It is for peace of mind.

But when I draw the bow, I wear a breastplate, and I often think about what I would do if the elastic of the breastplate suddenly broke.

Now, finally, here is a picture of me really doing Kyudo.

This is me doing the “kai” action. After this, the arrow is released.

I was embarrassed, so I made the picture smaller.

It sewed by myself.

Click here for more hairpin.

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