How to use sideways hairpin

sideways hairpin

There is a sideways hairpin.

There are hairpins that can be upside down in design if you don’t check the direction when you put them on.

At the moment, I think it’s a heart and butterfly design.

That doesn’t mean you can only wear it on one side.

I noticed that too about a year ago.

I guess some of you may be thinking, “Of course, why not?

In other words, when you attach a hairpin to an ornament, you just need to check the direction and replace the hairpin.

But first, let me talk a little about Tamarusan’s ornament removable hairpins.

Tamarusan hairpins can be removed.

Hairpins deteriorate with use and lose their ability to pinch hair.

This would mean that the ornament could be used, but the pin was ruined.

We often receive requests for repairs, but there is nothing we can do about it.

I am sorry, but I wondered if there was a better way, and I came up with this hairpin with detachable ornaments.

If a pin becomes useless, it can be used again by replacing only the pin.

I am proud of myself for coming up with such a good idea.

Now, back to the story, the sideways hairpin.

Gorgeous Hairpin Blue Butterfly Removable

At first, I thought that if it was right-facing, I could only use it right-facing.

But I realized after a long time that it could be used in either direction by replacing the hairpin as shown in the photo above.

Hair Pin Butterfly Orange Rhinestone

Please refer to the photo for how to attach the hairpins.

If you want to wear it on the right, it should face this way, and if you want to wear it on the left, it should face this way.

Butterfly Gorgeous Hairpin Blue Vine Gold

Now, in the case of the heart shape, it can be worn on either side like this.

Hairpin Heart Black White Gold

What do you think?

I hope those who already have this type of design and didn’t know, like me, that it can be worn on each side, will read this.

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