Eyeglass chain for stylish eyeglass


Again, this is a drama story.

I’m looking on Amazon in my spare time and the woman in “NCIS: LA ” is wearing a eyeglasse chain.

A simple gold chain, no decoration. Maybe.

Maybe that’s why there are no scenes where he takes off her glasse and wears it like a necklace.

Well, she is investigating a murder case, so she dosen’t have time to take off it.

So, as I looked at the woman, I wondered which one would be best for her to wear on her Tamarusan’s eyeglass chain, and I made my choice.

Of course, solve the case, take off the eyeglass and take a breather.

I’d love to have you do a scene like that.

The lady is always in a jacket, so this is, you know, holiday style.

This is an undercover style at a party.

I mean, the lady is a manager, so she doesn’t go undercover.

Let’s say it’s a charity party hosted by some important people.

Lastly, the male boss style.

He doesn’t wear eyeglass chains, but I set it up that he did.

What bothers me about this male boss scene is that he appears in a videoconference, and at the end of the meeting, when he signals to turn off the video, he always makes a gesture like he is going to cut off his head.

This is very disconcerting.

I always wonder, “Is such a disturbing way to turn off the video necessary only for a murder investigation? “

Is it an American joke?

So, the fashionable point of Tamarusan’s eyeglass looks like a necklace when the glasses are taken off and put down.

It is also cute that when you put on the eyeglass, the decorative part swings around your ear and looks like an earring.

We highly recommend it as a fashionable accent for your eyeglass.

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