Shawl Fastening Fashionable Hat Pins


Are you already wearing one? Scarves and shawls.

I may wear it almost all year round.

In summer, I wear it around my neck to wipe sweat.

The other seasons, I wear it because I catch a cold if I let my neck get cold.

Tamarusan offers several items for fastening shawls and scarves, but today I would like to try fastening them with stylish hat pins and lapel pins.

I purchased this shawl from ZARA years ago.

It is thick and large, so I needed a needle length like this and the hat pin is just right.

And the shape is cute with the butterflies.

This is a large long scarf that is thin but wide, so it is thicker as a result.

It is best to fasten it with a needle of this length.

The last one is a men’s, fashionable hat pin.

I wonder if everyone is already wearing coats.

It may be too early, but it is cold in the mornings and evenings, isn’t it?

In that case, why don’t you wrap a scarf or a muffler around your head?

Like the picture above.

Then, when you go indoors, you can use it as a lapel pin like in the picture below, so you don’t have to lose it.


Brooches can be fashionable on the lapel, clasped around a scarf, or attached to a hat, making them a great gift idea.

We hope you will give them as gifts.

Click here for more hat pins.

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