Half-up hairstyles with hairpins


I would like to introduce hairstyles using hairpins.

Today’s half-up hair is done with a short hairpin.

It’s just the right length to make a small dumpling.

First one is a half-up bun hairstyle using a short hairpin from the “Mizuhiki Series”.

I make this bun hairstyle using only this hairpin.

Double Prong Hair Stick Mizuhiki Brown

Next one is half-up-bun-hairstyle with luxury double prong hair stick from the “Splattered Series” made of resin.

This hairpin can be used not only for half-up bun hair, but also for whole hair.

Here, too, I made a dumpling using only this hairpin.

The last one is a half updo using a short hairpin from the “Mizuhiki Series”.

This style has bangs gathered to the side to form a bun.

This is a variant half-up bun hair.

You can insert a short hairpin after making a bun hairstyle.

We also recommend that you make a half up-do hair bun.

Please check out our video on how to use it.

Click here for a list of short hairpins.

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