Cute Bolo Ties to Match Your Dress


Bolo ties have an image of being for men, but they are also cute when worn as a necklace.

The best thing about bolo ties is that you can move the decorative part up and down, so you can wear it as a choker, long necklace, or lariat depending on your outfit.

Today, I coordinated it with a dress.

At first, it is a leather straps bolo tie using resin parts of “Lily Series” (Red).

I put it on a mannequin in the style of a choker with a green dress and the decorative part around the neck.

Since it is red and green, it might be good for coordinating with the Christmas season.

Next one is a using resin parts of “Marble Series” (Green).

I put it on the mannequin like a pendant so that the ornament would be on the chest.

Last one is a cute chain bolo tie using resin parts of “Plum Cake Series” (Blue).

The natural stone at the end of the chain here is also a stylish accent, so I coordinated it with a simple dress to make the colorful hues stand out.

Depending on the length, bolo ties can be easily worn over the head without the hassle of a clasp.

It is a recommended accessory that goes well with both casual and party-like glamorous outfits.

It is also a good gift.

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