Coordinates bolo tie for women


Today, we have coordinated Tamarusan bolo ties for women.

They are simple designs.

First of all, here it is.

It is the popular “Black-and-white series” of leather string “bolo tie for women”.

I paired it with a feminine silk dress and a cardigan style.

As you know, the decoration part can be moved up and down.

It would be cute to wear it like a choker with more ornaments on top if you like.

Men’s Version

Next up.

The pink lace blouse is lovely. The “Dandy series” is accented with black.

Men’s Version

The last one is a slightly hard design using metal mesh from the “Architecture Series” (Purple).

I matched it with a blouse with puff sleeves.

(not visible in the photo).

Men’s Version

What do you think these bolo-tie-for-women.

A loop tie is a useful item for many purposes, so please try one out.

It is also recommended as a gift.

Click here for more bolo ties.

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