Men’s Hairstyles Arranged with Hairpins


First, take a look at Andy’s shaved head.

From here, I’ll try to arrange men’s hairstyles with various wigs with hairpins.

First of all, I used the Black and White Series of hairpins to fasten his bangs in the pompadour style that was popular in the past. I don’t know, it looks like a regent…

Next, I used two hairpins, one from the Dandy Series and one from the Marble Series (Blue).

The stylish point is that the two strands are crossed and fastened together.

At the end, I used the Dinosaur Series (Purple) hairpins to hold the side of his hair together.

What do you think?

I think there are probably some people who think that’s weird.

Well, I don’t deny it either.

But gradually, I got used to seeing it, and I began to think, “This isn’t so bad” I started to think.

While I was taking pictures, thinking about this, seriously.

In the past, when the actor Yosuke Eguchi wore his hair long, it was popular for men to wear their hair long, like a bob.

At the time, I was shocked at what had happened to Yosuke Eguchi! , but now I’m not so surprised anymore. Kimutaku had long hair, too.

It’s the same as that, but I think that the number of men like the above will increase over time.

Until then, I’ll be diligently inventing hairpins for men.

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