Hat Pin|Three ways to fasten a scarf


It is often used to fasten a jacket collar or a hat.

But today I would like to show you how to coordinate “how to fasten a scarf”.

First, let’s look at how to fasten a scarf using a hat pin from the “Wood & Lame Series” .

This scarf is a large size.

So I wrapped it in two layers and fastened it. It became scarf-like.

Next is using the “Pollen Series” (Pink) hat pins.

This is also a large size.

But it is made of a taut cotton fabric.

So it is wrapped in one layer and fastened in the middle as if covering the shoulders.

The last one is how to fasten a scarf using a hat pin from the “Musical note series (blue)“.

This is a thin scarf, so it is hung on one side and fastened at the crossing.

It looks cool.

Hat pins can be used to hold thick scarves, and shawls with long needles.

They are great for attaching to the collar of a jacket, but you can also try them for holding a scarf.

By the way, be sure to insert the needle into the clasp until it clicks into place.

If you don’t do this, you may drop the clasp.

Please be careful.

Click here for more hat pins.

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