Bolo tie for summer fashion accessory


Bolo tie is a fashionable summer accessory.

I always hope to spread this kind of atmosphere around the world someday.

No, I’m not just thinking, I’m promoting it this way.

However, I’ve seen quite a few people wearing bolo ties even when it’s not summer.

Well, dramas and cartoons.

I think it was an animation I saw yesterday, featuring an uncle wearing an accessory that looked like a bolo tie.

I mean, well, I guess still they are dull uncles as supporting role, too.

So, today, I’m going to show you how to coordinate a bolo tie with your summer fashion!

It is a leather bolo tie with the dragon illustration and gold beads submerged in the resin part.

I matched it with a T-shirt.

It is like a long necklace.

Nex one is a silk braid bolo tie combining silk braid and resin parts of “Musical Note Series” (Yellow).

I matched it with a polo shirt.

Last one is a for-summer-fashion chain bolo tie using resin parts of “Black & White Series”

I matched it with a shirt.

The chain bolo tie is the most necklace-like of these.

Around me, telecommuting seems to be decreasing considerably.

Then, when you go to work, instead of a tie, a bolo tie is in order.

I also recommend this as a Father’s Day gift.

Please consider it.

Other bolo ties are here.

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