Tsurumaki is difficult to make


The above picture is a picture of the central dojo in Meiji Jingu when I went to a Kyudo match last year.

The weather was nice.

But I think the result of the match was disastrous.

I’ve already forgotten.

Or rather, I want to forget.

My senior owned several bows, and I was envious.
I counted and found that I owned five “hari”, too.

I don’t know when it happened.

By the way, this “hari” is a way of counting bows.

I have only recently learned it properly, I guess.

I thought that if there were five “hari”, there would need to the “tsurumaki” for each of them.

So I made one myself to try it out.

I made it myself.

The purpose of this “tsurumaki” is to wrap a “tsuru” (like a string) and store it.

As shown in the picture below, you can wind the strings in this gap.

Wrap the string around this gap.(This is also self-made)

Well, as you may have noticed, the shape is distorted.

I tried my hardest, but my characteristic appropriateness was dragging me down.

The cause of the distortion is that the length of the rattan, which is the axis, cannot be exactly aligned.

I know that, but…

So, my ambition to sell “tsurumaki” at Tamarusan, well, it looks like it will end up as a dream for now.


I wish I could apply this technology to Tamarusan’s accessories.

A stylish accessory case, for example.

Bags and such.

But first, I need to get a little better at making “tsurumaki”.

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