Hat Accessory|Recommended Pin Brooches


Hat accessories include hatpins with long needles, but pin brooches are also recommended for hat decorations.

Today, we recommend three hat-accessory.

First is a light blue pin brooch made of frog-patterned resin parts.

Inside the resin are small silver beads as well as an illustration of a frog.

I used it as an accent for a hunting cap.

Next is a pin brooch made with a black cat pattern in resin.

It is double layered with a green background.

This one is an accent for a soft hat.

The last one is a pin brooch using resin parts from the “Poison Mushroom Series”.

It features a square frame and chic colors.

I used it as an accent for a baseball cap.

Pin brooches are convenient accessories that can be worn on a jacket collar or as a bag decoration.

It is also recommended as a unique gift.

Also available as a Father’s Day gift next month.

Click here for a list of pin brooches.

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