Fashionable accent for neckties


Tie pins are fashionable items for neckties, right?

To tell the truth, I used to think that a tie pin was just something you put on a tie.

Until I became a jeweler.

Well, I’m not saying this because I’m making it. No, I’m saying it.

It is fashionable to wear a tie pin with a tie.

I think it would be better to wear it. I really do.

That is why today I would like to introduce you to some recommended fashionable accent for neckties.

At first, it is a simple tie bar with round resin parts of “Dandy Series”.

The blue-gray resin is subtle and easy to wear for those who don’t wear tie pins often.

Next one is a simple tie clip using round resin parts of “Water Surface Series” (Pink).

This light pink patterned ornament is recommended as an accent for darker ties.

Last one is a simple tie pin with round resin parts of “Marble Series” (Green).

The scarf was wrapped and fastened like a necktie.

Tamarusan sells necktie pins as scarf clasps as fashionable-accent.

You can wear it like this.


Tie pins are a fashionable way to give a tie as a gift.

Click here for a list of tie pins.

Click here for a list of scarf clasps.

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