Coordinate Unique-Necklaces

Today we will show you how to coordinate the slightly unique-necklaces for everyday use.

Tamarusan is an accessories store.

So naturally, there are the necklace, earrings, and other accessories.

But it seems to be slightly less present and thinner.

The best way to keep unique designs from floating away.

When used in everyday life is to use similar colors.

First a unique-necklace is.

Musical Note Series (pink)”.

The neck part is a little longer than a choker.

At first glance, it looks like a lariat.

Since the necklace is pinkish, I matched it with a pink sweater.

Next up is a unique-necklace is this.

Dororon series (gray)“.

This one is a restrained chic shade.

It’s easy to coordinate in the first place.

And if you try it with a gray sweater, it’s even more chic and good for everyday use.

The last unique-necklace is this.

Candy series (gray)“.

The amethyst that is hanging is quite large.

When matched with a similar color, as you can see, it doesn’t stand out so much.

The weight is not light, but not as heavy as I expected. I think it is easy to wear.

How did you like it?

I tend to introduce unusual items.
I would be happy to know that Tamarusan also has regular accessory items.

Click here to see more necklaces.

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