Dog Walking


Ron IV passed away last December at the age of 16.

Life expectancy.

She was quiet, had good style, a pretty face, and was a good stay-at-home girl.

After that, I thought we would never get a dog again because dogs are hard to walk and there are too many cats.

But then, my mother wanted to keep a dog, so we decided to keep a shelter dog from February this year.

His name is of course “Ron”.

This is kind of an interesting look.
I showed the photo to my friend and she said, “Your head is so big!

Yes, his head is big for his body.

The coloring looks just like Ron IV.

Both of them were protected in Chiba, Japan.

Silk Braid Bolo Tie Mix Dog Purple

This photo doesn’t quite express the size of Ron V’s head.

But the coloring is similar, isn’t it?

And the most important thing about his personality is that he is very smart, loves to go for walks, and is a sweetheart.

He is quite a cute boy.

Since Ron IV hated taking walks, I was envious of other dogs enjoying walks! We did it!

So often, I think I will put Ron V information here.

I thought about it. Now.

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