We are Currently Having a Sale


We are currently having a Sale at our store. At Tamarusan, we always have a section for discounted items with minor flaws. This sale includes not only items discontinued due to mold but also those that have gradually turned yellow over time due to the characteristics of epoxy resin. In fact, many customers find these […]

My latest favorite pattern

These days, I’ve been repeating the same routine of practicing kyudo, working, and sleeping. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the wasai class has been suspended, which means I can’t make my own kimono even though I learned how to do so for 2-3 years. It’s frustrating that I can’t make them without my teacher’s guidance. […]

Dog Walking


Ron IV passed away last December at the age of 16. Life expectancy. She was quiet, had good style, a pretty face, and was a good stay-at-home girl. After that, I thought we would never get a dog again because dogs are hard to walk and there are too many cats. But then, my mother […]