stylish-chain-bolo-tie|coordinate with casual wear


Today we will show you how to coordinate the “stylish-chain-bolo-tie” with a casual outfit.

Bolo ties themselves are casual accessories, right?

Tamarusan chain bolo ties generally have natural stones dangling from the end of the chain.

In particular, we often choose stones that will have an impact.

Please take a look then.

First, it is a “stylish-chain-bolo-tie” using the resin parts, from the “Navy Blue Socks Series“.

This one has white rectangular jade and black onyx hanging from it.

The position of the decorative part can be moved to match the outfit.

You can enjoy wearing it the way you like.

Next one is a “stylish-chain-bolo-tie” using the square resin parts of the “Dinosaur Series” (Navy Blue).

This one has a slightly unique design in the decoration part.

The stone on the end of the chain is a lava rock. It has a cute shape like a drop of water.

Next one is a chain bolo tie using resin parts of “Navy Blue Socks Series“. 

It is a unique shade of orange combined with a scale pattern.

The orange polka-dot patterned shell is dangling.

This polka dot pattern seems to be printed on the shell. Interesting.

By the way, do you prefer to wear the chain ornaments at the same length or stagger them?

I like to wear them staggered.

The difference is like this.

Oh, in this picture, it looks a little sloppy when I shift it.

But the real thing doesn’t look like that.

The position of the ornaments can be changed.

So please enjoy your favorite way of wearing it by experimenting with various ways.

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