Talk About the New Resin Parts


I’ve already sold some of them, but this is the new spring “Glaze Series (Blue)”.

I’ve written the word “story” in the title, so I’m going to try to squeeze a story out of it.

First of all, if you are wondering where the glaze series came from, take a look at the dumb dish in the picture below.

About twenty years ago, for some reason, I took a pottery class.

That’s where I made it.

Tamaru2go makes pretty good ones. This vase is also very stylish.

But I realized at that time that I had no talent, you know.

So I haven’t made it since. I don’t feel like doing it. Because I can only make dumb ones.

But I like this kind of ceramics. Whenever I’m invited to an exhibition, I rush to go out and buy some affordable ones, or I look at them in magazines.

I often think, “I want to make something by myself”

But I have flashbacks of the above dish.

Then I’m going to quit.

What attracts me to ceramics is the color.

I don’t want a smooth surface. I like the kind that looks handmade.

When the glaze (a layer of glass adhered to the surface of the ceramic) is applied, the color is indescribably subtle.

That’s what I like.

Then, one day, I had an idea.

I wondered, “Can’t our resin have this kind of color?”

I thought.

After much thought, I decided to use resin clay and knead it in a ceramic style.

Resin clay, a spatula for kneading clay, and a stamp with the Tamarusan logo

Using a piece of the Tamar-San logo, I used a stamp to create a pattern on the clay.

Resin clay
I made a pattern on resin clay with a stamp, cut it out with a cutter, and colored it.

I thought that if I added color to it, it would look like pottery.

That is what the glaze series is all about.

I’m not very good with plates, but I can handle resin. I made a good one.

When I make this resin, I feel like a potter.

The key is how thinly to spread this resin clay.

If it is too thin, it will tear when the stamp is pressed. If it is too thick, it will stick out of the plastic mold.

We will be adding more and more products in the future, so please take a look.


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