Recommended Hoop Earrings in Midsummer


Oh dear!  it’s hot. I wrote it the other day. Yesterday, I turned on the air conditioner all day long. I’m afraid to know the electricity bill!

So, continuing from the other day, I would like to introduce the accessory “Large Earrings” recommended for midsummer.

The first is the hoop earrings that combine the resin parts of the “Vortex Series” (Pink) with smoky quartz and rhodonite.

It is my favorite. Although it is big, it is light and easy to put on, and the elegant pink is cute. The rare diamond-shaped smoky quartz is in limited stock, so if you like it, please do so as soon as possible.

Next is the hoop earrings that combine the resin parts of the “Sleety Rain” (Green) with peridot and carnelian.

The hoop, which is a combination of two elliptical rings and woven with peridot, has a cool transparency and is perfect for midsummer accessories. This is also large, but it is lighter and easier to put it on than it looks.

The last is an asymmetric earring with different left and right designs that combines the resin parts of the “Plum Cake Series” (Pink), amethyst, lace flowers, kunzite, and pink common opal.

The amethyst hanging at the bottom is like a piece of ice.

As I wrote in the introduction of pierced earrings the day before, earrings that have less contact surface than accessories that have many contact surfaces such as necklaces and ties are recommended in the hot summer months.

However, after use, wipe it gently with an accessory cloth or a dry cloth to keep it clean.

These earrings can also be made with pierced earrings if ordered.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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