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how-to-put-on-the hat-pin

It’s getting hotter today than it was yesterday.

However, it is said that the heat and cold are up to the other side, so I expect that the previous heat will not come back anymore.

So, I think it’s time to think about autumn / winter fashion. Today I would like to introduce how to put on a hatpin as an accent for autumn / winter hats.

As for how to put it on, I tried a way to put it on that I have never done before.

The first is a hatpin that uses the resin parts of the “Vine Series” (Blue).

Often, there is a hat with a cobra head in the middle, right? I imagined that. When I googled it now, I couldn’t find such a hat.

I wonder if I saw it in a movie. I thought it was there, but it doesn’t.

But what about? Surprisingly, this is fashionable.

Next is a hatpin that uses resin parts from the “Pansy Series” (Bordeaux).

At first glance, it’s the usual way to put it on, but I put it at the edge of the hat and hung the hanging decoration. This is a little more gorgeous.

The last is a hatpin using the resin parts of the “Fawn Series” (Pink).

I tried this with the usual way of wearing. With this hanging decoration, it looks gorgeous and fashionable. This hat has a wide brim, so accessories using hatpins look great.

The hatpin changes the atmosphere just by adding it to your usual hat, so it is a recommended item when you want to change your mood.

It is also popular as a unique and fashionable gift. You can also wear a muffler or scarf in the coming cold season.

It's recommended.

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