Engrossed in making a video introducing our products


What I’m into now.

It’s making product introduction videos.

In the first place, I started this project to introduce the feeling of holding the product in my hands, which cannot be conveyed through online shopping.

But recently, I’ve been making products just to make videos.

I’m just kidding, but that’s how much fun it is.

Haori Himo Bracelet Turquoise Heart Green Pink

Especially the sound effects.

I am most excited when I choose sound effects and music to accompany the video.

The apps I use are Videoleap and CapCut.

They are very good and have many kinds of music.

The sound effects, too, such as animal noises, monster screams, explosions, and so on.

For some reason, my face lights up with a grin as I select the sound effects.

Sometimes, I laugh by myself.

Why? I don’t know why, but for some reason, I am laughing by myself.

Hair Stick Barrette Blue Owl Wool

The turntable that Tamar2 bought at Ikea as a prop for taking videos is quite useful. I use it to take pictures of necklaces and eyeglass chains.

Eyeglass Chain Braid Silk Green
Necklace Lily Blue Agate Fashionable

When I started shooting videos, the idea of adding music never occurred to me, so most of the products are silent. I might remake those.
This is my recent ambition.

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