My Cat’s New Toilet


I bought a cat’s new toilet. It is called a system toilet in Japan. However, my cat has not used yet. The cat seems to be on alert.

It’s not custom made. The toilet I used to use is the sand toilet. The new one is the sheet toilet. I heard that the new one is easy to maintain. No one has used it yet.

It is difficult to explain the mechanism in English. First, the big difference is whether there is a sheet or not. Today, finally, one of the cats did it in a new one.

Is this new type of toilet cheaper than the regular sand toilet?

Thank you for asking that. Actually, I’m concerned about it too. I will have to have it for a while to find out.

Anyway, I know the the sheet toilet is easy to maintain, so I will keep it.

I mean, it’s the cat that actually uses it, but…

(Tamaru 2go)