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Today, as it is the end of the year, I would like to introduce you to some of my recommended products.

Today, it’s a eyeglasse holders.

At first, it is a glasses holder necklace from “Dinosaur Series” (Navy Blue) made from resin.

This gorgeous design combines crystal, howlite, and rutile quartz to match the color of the resin.

It is a two-way item that can be used both as a necklace and as a glasses holder.

The color is chic and easy to coordinate.

Next one is an eyeglass holder pin brooch using resin parts of “Ramune Series” (Green).

Please use it by hooking your eyeglasses on the ring part.

The ring is woven with amazonite.

It can also be used as a lapel pin or hat pin.

Last one is eyeglass holder using parts of “Lily Series” (Yellow Green) resin parts.

You can also use it to hang your eyeglasses on the ring.

You can also use it as a hat pin or lapel pin.

The eyeglass holders are great accessory that can be worn in other ways than just hooking your eyeglass.

Moreover, these products are on sale and discounted, so if you’re interested in them, don’t delay.

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